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Website Design Special !! Limited Time, call our Tampa Website Design Office at 813-226-3111 and our St. Pete Website Design Office at 727-217-0891 for details!!!

 Abacus Web Design & Support http://www.Abacus-Web-Tampa-Bay.com



 Abacus Web Design & Support http://www.Abacus-Web-Tampa-Bay.com

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 Abacus Web Design & Support http://www.Abacus-Web-Tampa-Bay.com

                 Website Hosting Using Microsoft 2003 Servers

All Hosting Plans utilize Microsoft® Web Servers. Other Servers (Linux) trying to emulate or copy Microsoft® Servers, and can NEVER be as good as the real thing. Don't except second best. For your FrontPage Webs to work there best, Insist on Microsoft® Servers for your web hosting.

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                         Depending on your expertise in web hosting there's a plan designed to fit every one. The Web Ready is designed for the normal business or home project sized web. It has more than enough size to hold 20 pages with normal graphics. Our Professional Hosting Site is for the Webmaster/Programmer. It comes with Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, .NET, .ASP, MySQL and much more. This was designed for the professional whom requires databases and Active Server Pages. The most popular site is the Hosting & Support package. A Microsoft® Certified Professional will help plan, design, and facilitate the complete building of your site. Our Tech will set up your mail boxes, help with the website management and promotion of your site. This is perfect for beginners.

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